The 100th product launched on the market thanks to PolymerExpert

The development of new products is part of PolymerExpert’s DNA. PolymerExpert offers a complete service to its customers and supports them from the idea to the market in their innovation projects. Today, PolymerExpert celebrates the 100th product launched on the market thanks to its many collaborations.

The 1st product: intraocular implant

Shortly after its creation, in 2000, PolymerExpert became involved with a major ophthalmology manufacturer in the development of new intraocular implants. Technical exchanges make it possible to quickly implement a new solution for this market. Thus, PolymerExpert brings its expertise on the chemistry of materials, and the manufacturer, on the specifications and expectations of the ophthalmological sector. In 2002, the first CE-marked implants were successfully marketed (60,000 implants produced in the first year).

This first launch allows PolymerExpert to sell an even more important collaboration with this company. In the meantime, 4 other innovative products are being commercialized with the same industrial partner.

Other products from development carried out by PolymerExpert

PolymerExpert is contacted by many companies to take part in the development of their new products. Various products, such as: colar for domestic animals with extended-release drug, biosourced home insulation material, shape memory polymer meatic plugs, etc., are co-developed with PolymerExpert. In addition, the automotive, robotics, electronics and orthopaedics sectors also integrate the technologies developed by PolymerExpert into their products.

Cosmetic products with ExpertGel

Cosmetic products

Since 2010, PolymerExpert has become a supplier of innovative raw materials for the cosmetics sector.

ExpertGel, an aqueous thermo gelling agent, is used in many cosmetic formulations in Europe, Japan, South Korea, China and the United States. In other countries, ExpertGel is used in day cream, mask, CC Cream, foundation and self-tanning products. Its marketing extends to countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa: proof that this innovation appeals to all cultures and all types of cosmetic products.

For example, in Italy, the leader in solar products sold in pharmacies, has developed a range of 10 products since 2015. These sun products are unique with a very high sun protection factor for a reduced quantity of filters. ExpertGel helps to boost protection and increase resistance to water and sand.

EstoGel M, a biosourced fat phase gelling agent, launched in 2017, is very successful. The first cosmetic products containing this ingredient have just been launched, as in the fields of body care and make-up.

The 100th product

The 100th product containing a component developed by PolymerExpert is a dry hair oil based on different botanical oils and EstoGel M. The product coats the hair and gives it an intense shine without a greasy finish.

The PolymerExpert team is proud to contribute to the innovative products used daily by millions of people around the world. These innovations, supported by major brands, are distributed throughout the world and contribute to the well-being of a very large population.


Do not hesitate to contact us to be accompanied by PolymerExpert for the development of your new products.

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