R & D Customer

PolymerExpert’s main activity is the development of polymer materials. Our highly skilled research team, including Ph.D scientists and Engineers is commited to support our customers in their innovative project. They will bring our knowledge and equipments aiming to the success of the project.

Our skills and on-the-job experience in chemistry, physical chemistry, and the physics and mechanics of polymers give PolymerExpert the capability to deal with a wide variety of industrial activities.

PolymerExpert offers customers not only our synthetic expertise but also services in technical consultation and collaboration with customers’ R&D teams up to large scale industrial projects.

We always keep in mind that should bring value to our customer


Anne Pagnoux Directrice R&D

Ph D in Chemistry of Polymer, specialized in photopolymerization, polyaddition, radical polymerization and in material caracterisation

Over its 17 years of experience, PolymerExpert has registered 59 patents, 4 news patents are scheduled in 2018