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ExpertSun is a new family of photochromic polymers. These polymeric materials have the ability to rapidly and reversibly change their color with and without light. Naphtopyranes are a good compromise between intensity of the color and discoloration rate.

The photochromic phenomenon is a result of the ring-opining which occurs in the excited state, leading to the formation of double bonds. Moreover, their structural change in the excited form is not perturbed by the surrounding polymer matrix and they present a good fatigue resistance. PolymerExpert has developed an innovative route to synthesize ExpertSun monomers, which results in a product which can be copolymerized with the host matrix. As a result, ExpertSun possesses zero mobility in the host matrix and is biocompatible.


  • Colorless at shade
  • Colored under UV
  • Quick bleaching
  • Stress resistant
  • No Toxicity
  • Simplified Synthesis (cut costs)


  • Optic
  • Photochromic intraocular implants
  • Building trade
  • Cosmetics

10 secondes aux UV pour changer la couleur de vos ongles

“after UV exposure”