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PolymerExpert has developed polymeric materials able to change their form upon a change in temperature. The transition temperature can be adjusted between -20°C and +140°C and can be adapted to a large range of materials and applications.

The principle is based on the deformation of the material at high temperature, followed by fixing the shape in its glassy state at low temperature. The material then recovers its primary shape upon demand by increasing the temperature; once heated above the glass transition temperature, the constraints stored during the deformation are released and the initial form is recovered.


  • Large range of temperature -20°C to +140°C
  • Large dimensional deformations
  • Ability to mold this polymer: complex shape

  • Impregnating fibers capabilities : reinforced mechanical properties
  • Clear material
  • Biocompatible product, implantable device


  • Medical device
  • Fire fighting
  • Mechanical

  • Deployment devices