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ExpertGel® are innovative water soluble thermo-thickening polymers.

At low concentration in water, they behave as a liquid at ambient temperature and gel when temperature increases. The gelification temperature is easily adjustable. This phenomenon is completely reversible.


  • Smart thickening agent
  • Viscosity controller
  • New texturing additive
  • Controlled active release
  • Emulsion stabilizer
  • Homogeneous layer deposition
  • SPF booster
This polymer has been awarded at SEPAWA in Germany (2016) and Ringier in China (2017)
INCI EG 312 : Poloxamer 338 (and) PPG-51/ SMDI Copolymer
INCI EG 412 : Poloxamer 407 (and) PPG-12/ SMDI Copolymer

Examples of products on the market

Examples of products on the market