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ExpertGel are water soluble polymers able to reversibly change their physical state upon a change in temperature.
At low concentration in water, they behave as a liquid at ambient temperature and gel when temperature increases. This phenomenon is completely reversible.

ExpertGel polymers are composed of thermo sensitive hydrophobic blocks of polypropylene oxide (PPO) and hydrophilic blocks of polyethylene oxide (PEO).

The formation of the gel is a result of the self-assembly of the hydrophobic portions into micro-domains at the LCST (Lower Critical Solubility Temperature), while the solubility of the polymer is maintained in solution by the hydrophilic blocks.


  • Used at very low concentration

  • pH independant
  • Compatible with salts, non-ionic tensioactives and oils
  • Thixotrop behavior
  • Adjustable temperature of gelification (LCST) between 10 and 60°C
  • Fully biocompatible


  • Smart thickening agent
  • Viscosity controller
  • New texturing additive
  • Active delivery
  • Injectable implants
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