About PolymerExpert

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PolymerExpert is a company at the forefront of polymer research and development.

PolymerExpert is a contract research and development firm, working in partnership with our clients in one of the following fashions:

expertise - innovation developments - technology transfert - production

Our partners benefit not only from our skill and experience, but also from our extensive intellectual property portfolio.
PolymerExpert is a company dedicated to the spirit of innovation, and our quality is backed by ISO 9001 certification.

DNA of the company

PolymerExpert works with its customers in their innovation projects.

PolymerExpert responds in this way to the need of its partners to delegate certain research projets in order to lower the overall “time to market”

Clients are always assured of the great innovative capability and utmost confidentiality in any collaboration

PolymerExpert‘s chief advantages in successfully bringing innovative research projects to fruition are:

  • Its highly skilled research team, which includes Ph.D. scientists, engineers, and specially trained technicians

  • Its access to a network of internationally-renowned consultants and our close proximity to the university sector of Bordeaux
  • Its high-tech technology platform in line with our multidisciplinary and multi-sector research

  • The agile and rapid response of its organization based on the values of ISO 9001

To be first to market with the materials of the future, PolymerExpert invest 50% of its ressources developing its own technologies

Key Dates

Quality Policy, HSE and Social Responsibility